Terms of Business

Terms and Conditions of Business

The terms and conditions below apply to all work carried out by either Approach The Coach or our subsidiary business Digital Business Solutions for the Client.

Services provided can include: Business Coaching, Mentoring, Consultancy, Training, Website Design, Website Repair, Social Media Marketing and other technical related tasks. Approach The Coach is registered in Scotland, company no. SC392256.


1. Acceptance It is not necessary for the client to have signed terms and conditions for them to apply. If the Client accepts the quotation, it will be deemed that the Client is satisfied and have accepted the terms in full. Email or telephone confirmation is also accepted.

2. Charges A quotation will be submitted prior to commencement on work (unless otherwise agreed), the quote is valid for 30 days from date on paperwork. Approach The Coach reserves the right to alter or decline to provide a quotation after expiry of the 30 days. A deposit of fifty (50) per cent of the invoice value will be required for work to commence with the remaining fifty (50) per cent balance payable on agreed date. The Client will be updated frequently about development stages (if technical work). If Client requires Approach The Coach to purchase items, this will be reimbursed immediately (see Clause 8). A deposit is only refundable if Approach The Coach have not carried out the work agreed. Payment should be via BACS payment, bank details will be on the Approach The Coach invoice.

3. Client Reviewing Work Approach The Coach will update the Client regularly regarding work being done on their behalf. If technical work i.e. Website Design, we will share login codes to enable the Client to view the ongoing work.

4. Turnaround Time This clause refers to technical and website design services. All projects should be completed within a realistic time-frame, this is normally 4 weeks from date project work commences. Client will be required to send all text for website pages, images in high resolution and any additional artwork. Approach The Coach are happy to liaise with 3rd parties and collaborate.

5. Failure to provide required information Approach The Coach is a small business, we will use Associates to work on projects. On occasion we may refuse work to ensure your work is done on time. If we are supplying you with a website design and search engine optimisation service this means we need to plan in advance to ensure your website is optimised and built to specification. If you agree to provide us with the required information and fail to do so within one week of project commencement, we reserve the right to close the project and the balance remaining becomes payable immediately. Content should be delivered in a MS Word document with your page titles, headings and preferred layout. Images should be high resolution, royalty free and the correct size (we will advise on sizes) sent as either a JPEG or .PNG.

6. Access Requirements If the Client has already set-up hosting or purchased domain names, Approach The Coach must be granted temporary access to the Client storage directories, accessible via FTP, WordPress etc.

7. Domain Names Approach The Coach may purchase domain names on behalf of Client. The Client will always be the domain registered owner.

8. Additional Expenses Client agrees to reimburse Approach The Coach for any additional expenses incurred. Examples would be plugins, fonts, domains, hosting or additional images.

9. Ongoing Maintenance Links may break or hackers may get into the website. After the website project is finished, any upgrades or maintenance is billable time. A website is a technical working tool that requires maintenance. Monthly maintenance packages can be set-up if you require this assistance, however some Clients approach us for support on an hourly basis. Most updates are completed within 48hrs.

10. Terminating the Agreement If the Client wishes to terminate the agreement, this will be effective on receipt of an email or phone call. Out of courtesy Approach The Coach requests a valid reason for termination, however any development time or consultancy time will be invoiced and immediate payment is requested.

11. Use of Logos / Copyright It is the Client’s responsibility to obtain correct permission for use of logos and artwork from the third party.

12. Credit for work Approach The Coach / Digital Business Solutions will insert a digital link at the bottom of the Client’s site, generally in the footer area.

13. Funding Assistance Approach The Coach works with Clients who may apply for funding from Skills Development Scotland. The exact specifics of this funding will be detailed on their website. Courses are payable at time of attending the course(s), Approach The Coach will supply an invoice which is part evidence required by SDS. Approach The Coach have no association with the funding provider apart from delivering training courses that are completely independent.

14. General Approach The Coach assure our Clients of our best attention at all times. We always endeavor to meet your requirements, however we can only work with the information we are given. This agreement shall be governed by Scottish Law.

Email Louise Wightman, Director of Approach The Coach

Last updated: 26th July 2015

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