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Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm

Google Hummingbird Google has a new Engine and it is called Hummingbird.  It will be interesting to see how it impacts on our sites over the next few months! Google tells us that the Page Rank is not dead as there are hundreds of things taken into […]

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Google Keyword Tool Is Gone!

Keyword Planner is the new Tool When building a website, setting up an AdWords campaign or doing research you would normally check the Google Keyword Tool and also Traffic Estimator.  Pain of my life at the moment is Google has changed all this and combined the two […]

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The French clock off at 6pm

Should the UK follow suit? In the past few weeks I read in Grazia Magazine and also in The Guardian how the French Union is banning after work emails and calls after 6pm. This is taken from The Guardian on 9th April 2014; “Just in case you […]

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How often do you review website statistics?

What’s Attracting Website Visitors? We all spend a lot of time writing blogs, doing tweets, updating Facebook and finding new content for LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.  However, do you actually know what the hook is to getting website visitors staying on the site (in the first instance) […]

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Working with our Clients

Consultative Approach Over the past year we have worked with a few clients that have transferred work to us – from a website developer and met horrific problems.  These issues could be ownership of sites or data and log-in details not being released.  This causes everyone, including […]

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Changes in Google Analytics

Google Analytics I was at a meeting two days ago, and was advised about the changes in Google Analytics.  I was deflated thinking how much I rely on this crucial information, but thankful to be told so quickly about the changes. Google now has these menu options: […]

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