How often do you review website statistics?

Social Networks What’s Attracting Website Visitors?

We all spend a lot of time writing blogs, doing tweets, updating Facebook and finding new content for LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.  However, do you actually know what the hook is to getting website visitors staying on the site (in the first instance) and then going to other pages in the website?

This information is pretty critical, reason being, you can use the facts to help you plan future marketing activity.  An example of this could be our sister co. Approach The Coach, one of the most clicked on pages is Mentoring.  Knowing this fact via Google Analytics and the heat map software Crazy Egg, I know to focus more attention on Mentoring in the hope of converting new clients.  Seems pretty logical doesn’t it? Think about all the wasted time if you don’t know what the website visitors are either searching for, or clicking on when they actually do enter your website.

The truth is people need to find the information they want quickly and the website should be easy to navigate. Most website visitors spend less than 3 minutes per visit on a website, sometimes it is nearer the 2 minute mark.  So, realistically that is not a lot of time to hook them, and then make them want to speak to you to find out more about your services.  Some may come back, or follow you on the social media channels to get to know your style and personality more, however we live in a society of speed.

List of things you should monitor via Analytics;

  • Compare hits month -v- month and also year -v- year
  • Number of pages accessed per visit
  • Duration on website
  • Top 10 pages accessed

If you do load on heat map software, monitor the following;

  • For each individual page, visits -v- clicks
  • Which area of the page is consistently most viewed
  • If retail or eCommerce, monitor the images that are clicked

Your website is only 1 part of the digital marketing maze, you cannot just put up a website and hope for the best.  You need a well-thought strategy and to be consistent with activity online.  Some people give up too early, or feel disillusioned that they need to be imaginative and come up with ideas so that they differentiate from their competitors.

If you would like to discuss our Digital Strategy service, please make contact.  Similarly if you would like a Website Audit done to check the functionality of your site, the cost is simply £100.  Report is turned around in less than 24hrs.

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