Should You Outsource Work?

Depends On Your Talent…

Outsourcing and FlexibilityAs an Agency we want you to outsource your business, to us, however we do appreciate that some things are best dealt with in-house.  Before expanding our director, Louise Wightman did every single task herself.  This was a necessary evil as to fully understand something you need to do it yourself and understand how it all works.

People who outsource need to let go of the reigns a little, ideally they will appreciate that not everyone will have the same `tone’ as them, or exactly the same approach.  For a business owner or manager this can be very difficult, not because they are a control freak, but because they care so much.

On a positive note, identify what is the most profitable way for you to work, and spend your time.  If you focus on the higher paid work and outsource some of the menial tasks, you are no doubt onto a winner.  There is no getting away from the fact that yes, this will impact on your gross profit, however, unless you are willing to take this risk you will remain doing everything yourself.

If you want a very small business that is absolutely fine, but any successful Entrepreneur knows that the wise person will recruit talented people around them, at all times.  If someone learns more from you and then leaves, well you have done your job very well.  It is a reward to see someone working for you flourish, people never forget an inspirational, motivated boss.

When you do outsource it is advisable to build some flexibility into the agreement, as some weeks or months you may be tight on cash flow and there is no point getting into debt when freelancers are used to their hours fluctuating.  Just be honest with people, they will understand.

At Digital Diva Media Agency we will handle all digital, web, social media and SEO requirements for your business.  We pride ourselves on not trying to sell you something you don’t need.  Our business is built on values and the client always comes first.  We are quick to respond, and if we cannot help you, we will be honest with you.

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