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This blog post is to talk specifically about gathering information when browsers (potential customers / clients) are on your website.  There are different ways to gather information:


  • Email marketing
  • Survey i.e. Survey Monkey
  • Facebook Poll Questions
  • Twtpoll
  • Data marketing company
  • Market research on street

There is a tool that can be uploaded to your website, it is called WebEngage.  It is cost-effective and you can customise it to have pop-ups to ask your browsers questions.  I did use it on both my websites Digital Diva Media & Approach The Coach.  Because neither of these sites are E-Commerce they didn’t have enough traffic to get volume results, so I took the tool off the sites.  However, I was impressed with it. 

I recommend you use this tool if you are selling to the public.  It is a good way to gather information about how they heard about you, is the website easy to navigate, did they find the information they were looking for etc….

To set this tool up takes no more than 10 minutes, the instructions on-screen were easy to follow and the dashboard is clear to read and understand.  The site also has a live demo, so you can check it out before subscribing to a monthly payment programme.  The basic package goes from $29 to $249+ per month.

A professional Marketer will use tools like this, and also Google Analytics to track information and establish where the traffic and conversion comes from.  If you have any questions that we can help with, please do make contact.  We offer professional marketing, social media and website design services.

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