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Affordable WordPress Website DesignPeople make assumptions about your business, based on your website presence.  This may not be fair, but it is reality, in this day and age.

Websites need to convey your message, what your business stands for i.e. values.  Also there is no point spending thousands of pounds on a website and then not adding content regularly i.e. Blog page.

Ask yourself a couple of questions?

1. Does your website generate leads each month?

2. Does your website reflect your brand and values?

We offer three services re Websites:

1. Analyse current website and make recommendations*

2. Build a website to your specification

3. Maintain website, after build, on WordPress

*Our SEO team can provide an in-depth Audit regarding the functionality of your website.  We would make recommendations, based on the findings.  The cost of the Audit alone is £100.00.  Turnaround time normally 24 hours.


SEO and Social Media can be included in the website build, the cost of this will vary depending on the support you require and if you wish any digital marketing training.

There is no fixed cost for a website build, it all depends on the functionality you require. Every quote will be honoured for a period of 4 weeks from date on correspondence.

Terms of Business

Please click here to read our terms of business.  If terms are outwith this, it will need to be agreed in writing.

Please note

  • When work commences and your requirements change i.e. adding an extra 10 pages – this will naturally incur extra charges.
  • After the website is built, if you require changes in the future you may want to consider a website maintenance package.
  • If you don’t need ongoing maintenance but ask us to fix something, an hourly fee will be invoiced.  We need to cover our time, regardless if you have used our services in the past 12 months.
  • The website will need maintenance at some point, charges will applyFuture technical glitches are not included in the original price of the site.

Please make contact to discuss further.

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