What Does Google Look For?

Google_PictureTechnology Changes All The Time!

It is tough keeping on top of all the changes whether its Google or Facebook, the list goes on….

There are three things you should focus on with Google:

  1. Links
  2. Page Title
  3. URL

The quality of the inbound links is critical, so you want high quality sites linking into your website.  Your page title should also be easy for someone to read, so don’t have underscores and page numbers.  The URL’s should show the breadcrumbs of the site, so you can identify where you are within the actual site.  Google rates each page on the internet, we suggest you install the Google Toolbar and look at the individual Page Rank.  Don’t be surprised if the score for your page(s) isn’t high, the average website doesn’t get past 4 or 5 / 10.

Be cautious about link building companies, Google generally rates these companies as Spammers.  It doesn’t like them, and it could penalise your site.  Yes you could get a short-term result, but long-term the likelihood is Google will push your site down in the rankings.  So, doing manual link building and taking your time with it, is much better for the longevity of your site and your business reputation.

If you are thinking about Google AdWords, trial it and check the likelihood of your phrase being found online, take into consideration your geographical location and monitor it closely.  For some companies Google AdWords works brilliantly, for others (who don’t measure it) it can be a waste of money.  You need to be very clear about what you are advertising, the message you convey and instruct the consumer to take action i.e. pick up the phone, complete the survey and above all, make it clear what’s in it for them.

Finally, look at what your competitors are doing.  They could be paying a fortune via Google AdWords, an SEO company or an Independent Consultant – look at their online reputation, their Page Titles and URL’s.

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