What Is At The Heart of Your Strategy?

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As we have stated in previous blogs, strategies are only effective if you review and adapt them every month, business quarter and year.  There is no point in kidding yourself that if goals are set, they will not change for the next year.  That is just not reality.

With all things digital, they need to lead somewhere, that place should be the Website.  Your website, in our opinion, should be the hub of activity.  The data you collect from the website will give you evidence, statistics and information that will help you formulate the next few months.

We advise giving things a chance to mature and work, whether it’s an advert in a magazine or on a Bloggers site, or a directory listing.  You need to give the public a chance to think about what you are offering.   A very small % of buyers are going to see your advert and pick up the phone there and then!

Here are some things you should look at monthly:

  • What pages are the most frequently hit on the website
  • How long does an average browser stay on the site
  • How many pages does the average browser look at
  • What keywords were typed into Google to find the website
  • What are the referring sites?

If you are paying for advertising you want to know this information in explicit detail, after all, you want to know what is working, and what is not.

Be honest with yourself, if the website isn’t generating leads, then ask yourself; ‘What do you need to change?’  It may not be the actual website that needs time and money spent on it, it could be advertising in the right places.  Reviewing all your social media profiles to see how you / the business is presented.  Remember that people will have a perception of you, it doesn’t mean that it is correct, but they will have an opinion based on the information that you share online.   If you are on a budget, you can still come up with ways to put your message and business brand out there, be inventive and come up with solutions.

If you would like a website review, or training in Google Analytics please make contact with us.  Our services can be booked in 2 hour slots.  We will not hit you with jargon, but have an open and honest conversation with you about what is working on your website, and what is not.  Our business is built on values and we have a track record of helping companies develop their online presence.

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